Did You Know?

"You Can Increase Your Referrals, Patient Visit Average, Monthly Collections and Patient Reactivations by By Simply Using a Monthly Patient Newsletter"

(But ONLY if You Do it Right!)

A Monthly, Written Patient Newsletter can be worth it's weight in gold to a practicing chiropractor.  

Now I'll admit...I'm totally an internet guy.  I loved using email, webinars, facebook ads, google ads, website, etc to grow my practice and stay in touch with my patients.  But there is something special about your patients hearing from you in their good old fashion snail-mail box.

Now I know a lot of chiropractors are cheap.  

YES...it does cost more to send something in the mail than it does to email something.  But when done correctly, a written newsletter has a great ROI (return on investment).  

So if you START learning how to do Written Chiropractic Newsletters correctly, you can STOP worrying about the cost of a stamp.     

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